You probably already know how time-consuming and challenging it can be recruiting staff yourself. And it may be that your experience with recruiters isn’t any better – especially if you’ve been bombarded with unsuitable, unvetted applicants leaving you with the lion’s share of the work interviewing and deciding if any of them is the right one.

If you relate to this, you’ll appreciate the way we make recruiting easier for you – like a breath of fresh air. Recommending just one or several well-vetted candidates whom we know will add the most value to your business.

How can we say that?

Our MD worked in your industry for much of his life. He employed construction and related industry staff himself then used recruiters. Frustration and time wasters got him thinking ‘there must be a better way.’ And so, in 2005, he created Building Recruitment.

A unique recruitment service that focuses on your industry…and cuts through the bs to get the right people for your job without the dramas.

As a leading construction industry recruiter – partnering with the major names and really getting to know the people who will eventually work with you.

Given our volume of work, we’re also a small team. Doers, not talkers, passionate about what we do. Let’s get to know each other. Click here:

How we work better for you:

Anyone can find jobseekers – that’s only half the battle. It’s how quickly you can determine what and how they best meet your needs that counts. Unlike most recruiters, we interview every candidate. So, you get people who are relevant for your role, not just part of a mass mailing. Our interviews are thorough and detailed as we get to know the candidate, their achievements, and what they can bring to your business. We know time is paramount and work to ensure placement can be made quickly to eliminate competitors looking for the same people.

Our reference checking is vital and thorough and can enhance the strength of the applicant to deliver the best outcome for both of you.

With exclusive job orders, you get a full debrief of the candidate, reformatted resume and should read verbal references. This reduces the amount of resumes you review – sometimes there may be only one or two – as we have done all the vetting. You know who and what you are getting before you start the interview process.

With an understanding of clients’ and candidates’ motivations, we are in the best position to match a candidates expertise and skills with your needs.

You can be assured of the highest ethical standards, confidentiality and professional conduct. And you can call on our experience to recruit candidates at all levels, from graduates through to board level directors.

Let us know what you need: Talk to one of our recruitment specialists today on 0800 EMPLOY
Permanent Recruitment

We're part of your world!

We believe in putting something back to the industry and business community.

That’s why our people work within building sectors Associations such as Master Builders and National Association of Woman in Construction (NAWIC). We work closely with MIT and Unitec as well as Maori Pasifika Training Trust (MPTT), advising trainees about how to promote themselves when looking for work.

In a skill short market, we look outside the square. Believe it or not, we advertise only 20% of the roles we work on. Most are filled by attracting applicants from our industry-specific database, overseas seminars and roadshows, international talent searching and social media.

You’ll also see us exhibiting at national industry expo’s, involved in industry conferences and workshops, reinforcing our unique role as building industry recruiters.

Our clients include international, national and regional main contractors; specialist sub-contractors; national and local residential builders; architectural practices; property and real estate groups; surveying practices and engineering consultancies throughout New Zealand.

Multiple recruiters or one?

Possibly you believe that having your vacancy with as many recruiters as possible will ensure you fill the role quicker.

This is not the case at all.

You’re simply sharing it with multiple people who will focus on their exclusive roles first and then other shared job orders like yours. This results in nobody giving your role the time needed to ensure it is successful.

You’ll find that in many cases, unvetted resumes land on your desk with candidates unaware that you have their details. You become frustrated at the volume of resumes with no real quality. It becomes more about speed than process and only you suffer. It also means these recruiters are sending the same resume to your competitors too. In most cases you end up doing most of the work and paying for the pleasure. And as you may discover, there’s a vast difference between what we do and what others don’t.


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