If you’re shopping around, you’ll find that like us, other recruiters offer a standard economy contract. The difference is that we do the time-consuming interviews, vet the candidates, and obtain verbal references. Most other recruiters don’t – which is why they generally come back to you faster. You’ll be showered with unqualified resumes from people they often haven’t even met, requiring you to do all the work. Often the candidates are unaware that you even have their details.

Sure, you may sometimes discover a person who seems right for the job – maybe a candidate who is also working with us. But you’re having to do what we do as normal practice and paying some-one else a commission or fee for it. And there are no guarantees.

So, while our “Standard” non-exclusive contract offers you more, we recommend you consider what over 80% of our clients prefer – our “Exclusive” option. The risks are reduced massively; you become a priority and we do the job properly. And we guarantee the candidates we present to you are interviewed and vetted to ensure they meet the criteria for your role. A more effective option? We have only replaced 4 exclusive candidates over the last 3 years.

We work harder to ensure you employ the best people for your jobs. A remarkable 94% of customers return to us. Referrals from clients and more importantly in a skill short market, candidates referring a friend or colleague, are increasing year on year.


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