Architecture/Design Recruitment


As you may be aware, there is a great demand for skilled Architects and Designers who are up to speed with today’s challenges and can offer solutions.

Are you using the right recruiters or media to attract the right candidates to meet your company needs? Do you really have the time or skills to do the recruiting yourself?

Do you have the systems you need to handle multiple applicants, rejection letters, the privacy act and the other aspects of the process?

We’re here to handle the workload and ensure you get the best candidates available. With our strong reputation in this sector, we are always in contact with passive and active jobseekers.

Using our national industry-specific database, social media connections, industry association networks and international talent search, we are able attract the right people for your business. We are all industry professionals and understand your business and software needed, the NZ building sector. In many cases your clients and suppliers are also ours.

Call us on 0800EMPLOY or email us, and send your resume and/or portfolio and find out what exciting opportunities we have for you.

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