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As your business partner, there may be more that we can help with other than pure recruitment services. Getting involved in the big picture, we assist employers to achieve confidence in their HR needs and requirements. These services have been designed to either integrate seamlessly into your own business or supplementary to a specific need.

We can facilitate a wide range of services including:

To ensure the safety of all our staff we developed our 10 Golden Safety rules which we continually embed into our daily work tasks and our safety discussions. These rules have been determined by the areas of high risk identified within our industry.

  • Employment Contracts and Offer Letters
  • Code of Conduct
  • Job Descriptions

Regular performance reviews during the year makes sure employees have a clear understanding of how they’re going against their targets and agreed standards.

A Performance Improvement Plan (“PIP”) is a tool to give an employee with performance concerns the opportunity to succeed. It may be used to address failures to meet specific job goals or to improve behaviour related issues.

  • Misconduct
  • Poor Performance
  • 90-day trial
  • Types of employment relationships
  • Find out what types of leave there are, which ones your required to give, how much, when and the best process to go about it.

  • Get advice on the process, the requirements and the alternatives before making changes to your organisational structure.

  • Behavioural Analysis
  • Logic and Reasoning
  • 360 Report
  • Work Team Analysis
    • Resume Writing
    • Verbal Reference
    • Drug & Alcohol Testing
    • NZ Fast Track Criminal History Check
    • Driver’s Licence Check
    • Ministry of Justine Fines Check
    • Credit Check
    A very important process that enables you to understand the reasons employees are leaving and how to apply that information to improve your current processes and procedures.

    Any other information regarding legislation, best practice and suggestions on how to handle different situations. Whether you want an on-going partnership, or one-off assistance, give us a call!

    Don’t hesitate to contact us and see how we can work in your business so you can work on your business!

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