Career Advice

Career advice

Why take advice from us?

Not many recruiters can fall back on over 30 years in the Building Industry and have people at the top-end of the industry and organisations.

This is just what Building Recruitment offers you when dealing with your career plans.

No matter what stage of career you’re in, we can help you to define your career goals and take the next steps to achieve those goals?

Many graduates and experienced professionals have never made a specific career plan. And let’s face it, when you’re so busy working, who has time to devise a career map? That’s where we come in. We can help you set realistic goals, devise a plan around your CV and the way you approach your next opportunity.

Sometimes, though it may be hard to hear, opportunities don’t always come to you. But with the right focus on your CV and clearly defined expectations of preferred role, level, organisational structure, team and culture, salary; we can make your information attractive to the right organisations and roles.

But that’s not all, getting in front of a hiring manager is easy, but if you can’t impress our client in person, all will be in vain.

As an industry expert with established relationships in the building and construction sectors, we are confident that we can prepare you adequately for the hard questions, and give you a thorough insight into the organisations you are targeting.

No two candidates are the same and that is why we believe in providing a more personalised service to suit your individual needs.

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